Lelit Elizabeth PL92T V2 Espresso Machine

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Lelit Elizabeth PL92T V2 Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

The Lelit PL92T Elizabeth Version 2 Double Boiler Espresso Machine brings a high-end, compact yet powerful espresso machine directly into a home or office. With its top-of-the-line technology, the PL92T v2 comes with a compact stainless-steel body featuring a PID adjustable temperature controller for the broiler. The PL92T’s ultra-compact design produces a fantastic machine capable of creating tasty espressos and cappuccinos with ease.

Lelit Elizabeth Features:

  • Double boiler system featuring brass, which keeps in heat better compared to stainless steel boilers.
  • Grouphead with a three-way solenoid valve, which dries up coffee powder quickly.
  • The push-button switches feature a stainless-steel design with backlights.
  • The large water tray and self-cleaning grate both offer efficiency.
  • Efficient, cost-effective vibratory pump.
  • The particle filter and auto-shutoff options provide plenty of safety.
  • 2 safety thermostats
  • Upgraded steam knob from version 1

The Lelit Elizabeth PL92T brings users a simple brewing mechanism that delivers quality espressos and cappuccinos. The simple set-up of the Elizabeth allows users to brew easily with one of two buttons. Also, each button provides for several different configurations considering both pre-infusion and total brew time. Each button is programmable for its pre-infusion length and shot length. Plus, the pre-fusion counts as part of the total programmed shot length, making the process simple. However, using the pre-infusion length is not a necessity. For manual control, users can set the total shot time to zero. 

The pre-infusion set-up on this machine makes it a unique and fun product. No pump pressure needs to be used for the pre-infusion mechanism to work. Instead, pressure from the steam boiler starts the process, allowing users to manipulate pre-infusion time and strength as they see fit indirectly.

The drip tray on the Lelit Elizabeth PL92T provides plenty of space. Users love the roomy area that allows even the largest of scales to fit. The extra surface space under the brew head, water spout, and the steam wand make the Elizabeth easy to use.

For those individuals using scales, they’ll find a sweet spot between the group and drip tray that will work well even with a bottomless portafilter. Space is ample, but not overly so because Lelit includes a little riser to move the espresso cups closer to the portafilter. Users can easily place a coffee mug on a scale below the bottomless portafilter.

Also, Lelit made the LCC control system on the Lelit Elizabeth super easy to use, and even simpler to program. The screen provided on the PL92T is easy to read and also designed to make the directions easy to understand. The lettering is bright and very visible and will guide users through several things, including:

  • Changing the brew boiler temperature
  • Updating the steam boiler temperature
  • Determining whether the steam boiler is on or off
  • Button one pre-infusion and brew time
  • Button two pre-infusion and brew time
  • Whether the temperature displays in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • A shot counter.

Why We Love The Lelit Elizabeth

We love the PL92T for its excellent steaming capacity and ease of use. A user can quickly pour five to six ounces of milk into a ten-ounce frothing pitcher. The machine will deliver quality microfoam and heat up quickly. The steam boiler is set at 275 degrees Fahrenheit when the device is initially unpackaged. If a user decides to keep the machine at that temperature, he or she will get the first drips of coffee out after about five to seven seconds.

    Accessories included:

    • Portafilter – 1 dual spout portafilter. The handle has an angled design which allows it to rest on a flat surface. This eliminates the need for a tamping station. The portafilter head and handle have the Lelit logo imprint.
    • Filter baskets – 1-cup filter basket which holds approximately 7 grams. 2-cup filter basket which holds approximately 14 grams. Blind filter basket which you use for backflushing. 58 mm in diameter.
    • Tamper – A cheap plastic tamper, common for most espresso machines to keep overall selling price of machine low. We recommend upgrading to a better tamper.
    • Scoop – Simple plastic scoop if using preground coffee.
    • Water softener (resin filter) – Helps reduce limescale buildup in your machine. Highly recommended to replace the existing particle filter and install this water softener. You can find instructions in the Support tab above.
    • Instructional manual – Written in 7 different languages (English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Romanian, Russian). Instructions also work for the Lelit PL81T Grace.



    Height (inches)

    15, approximate

    Width (inches)

    12, approximate

    Depth (inches)

    11, approximate

    Weight (pounds)


    Wattage (watts)

    Coffee – 1200, Steam – 1000

    Voltage (volts)

    110 – 120

    Boiler capacity (liters)

    Coffee – 0.3, Steam – 0.6

    Portafilter size (mm)


    Tank capacity (liters)


    Country of manufacture


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